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   Semiconductor devices. Physical elements of semiconductor devices. Terms and definitions.

   LEDs.   While LEDs are not threatened to incandescent lamps in our homes. But it is very likely that in the near future it will happen. And then our charges for electricity will be just symbolic.

   Power Supplies televisions and their repair.  The book examines the physical processes occurring in the power supply mass-produced television, described the rational methods of troubleshooting, the scheme provides pulsed power supplies. and also provides some information on their regulation. Reference manual (djvu)

   Handbook of electrical capacitors.   We present classification, the main technical parameters, design features and operating characteristics produced by the domestic industry capacitors, as well as data on the impact of regimes and operating conditions on their performance. The recommendations on the selection and application of capacitors in equipment. For a wide range of professionals involved in the development, operation and repair of electronic equipment. Reference manual (djvu).

    Aksenov AI Nefedov AV Domestic semiconductor devices for special purposes. Reference manual (djvu).

    Danilenko, BP Domestic and foreign radios and amplifiers: circuits, repair. Reference manual (djvu) 

    NN Goryunov (ed.). Transistors.   We give the electrical parameters, dimensions, limit operating data and other characteristics of domestic transistors wider application. Reference (djv).

     AG Aleksenko and others. Application of precision analog circuits. Consider high-precision analog circuitry and chips
use in electronic equipment (djv).

     A. Williams and others. Application of integrated circuits.   The main technical data of modern integrated circuits - from operational amplifiers to the microprocessor. The recommendations on their practical application (djv).

      Semiconductor circuitry. The book lists the parameters and the structure of modern semiconductor devices and integrated circuits with varying degrees of integration, as well as methods of calculating the basic circuits of automation, radio electronics and computer technology. Reference manual (djvu)

     Electronic devices for printing Principles of devices for printing, diagrams and descriptions of devices (djvu).

     Labeling and identification of radioSystem of color and alphanumeric marking of domestic and foreign electronic components. Reference (djvu).

     Household receiving-amplifier radioThe data regarding the various models of radio receivers and reproducing apparatus: technical description of the hardware and design features, the values of electric and acoustic parameters, consumer characteristics models differ from previously released. Contains information necessary for the repair, adjustment and measurement described radio. Reference (djv).

     VG Borisov. Young ham.  Encyclopedia for beginner Ham (djv).

    Yu V. Baiborodin. Basics of laser technology.  We consider the principle of operation, characteristics and basic processes in quantum devices, are presented method of engineering calculation and design of circuit elements of different lasers, amplifiers and control systems with laser radiation (djvu).

    Novachenko IV, Taurus VA chips for consumer radios. We give the electrical parameters, the marginal performance data, dimensions and other characteristics of the domestic mass-produced integrated circuits for wide application. For each chip given templates included. Reference (djvu).



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